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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Sundays at Bumbles and Suga Suga

For many years, a Sunday institution for myself and Mum, has been a visit to Bumbles cafe on River Drive, Budds Beach.

Mum and I have been treating ourselves to their heavenly delights since it was a teeny tiny hole in the wall twelve years ago. Now extremely popular and having to expand their premises, it has still retained all of its charm and appeal.

Image found here

Not only do they serve the best coffee on the coast, it provides loads of interior inspiration...with its photo wallpaper and lace paper chandeliers...

Image found here

...a perfect private room for you and the girls! Did I mention that it is always stocked to the brim with fresh flowers..?

It gets better...a sweets display to tempt you...if the cakes haven't already.

Image found here

My gorgeous Mum sitting amongst floating crysanthemum blooms and tealights.

From inside you can take in its magical location. You would never believe you are footsteps away from the bustling glitter strip.

Mum and I tucked in a cosy corner...notice the antique birdcages hanging from the eaves outside...I told you it was charming.

And when you think you can't girly it up anymore...you can drag yourself and your smiling belly into Suga Suga - a to die for gift and interiors emporium. 

The girls in here are always there to greet you with a warm smile and a chat.
Yes, right up our alley...white, white and more white!

 Aaah, I can't wait until next Sunday already.

P.S. Apologies of you think I have been absent, but I (along with many others from what I have been reading) cannot comment on anyone's blog!!! Very frustrating as I love telling you all how much I enjoy reading your posts. I will keep on trying...


Saturday, May 21, 2011

Grandma's teacups and Grandfather's clock

No matter what I do, it's something I can't help. It's in my blood - an undying love of fine china and tableware. My dear Grandma was a manager for Royal Doulton for decades and my gorgeous Mum is still a manager for Waterford Wedgwood after many, many years in the business. So a love for this stuff has been passed down through the generations and we can't get enough!

I fondly remember days at Grandma's house when she would pull out her cups and saucers and we would play tea parties. And I always remember looking in amazement at her collection of 'crazy' sets laid out on an antique butler's trolley. I was so lucky so inherit a few of these and I knew you would all love their beauty as much as I do...

This pattern, 'Dainty Blue' by Royal Albert has always been my favourite since I was a little girl. Grandma gave me her entire tea set for my twenty-first birthday. The ivy and the daisies are so delicate and 'dainty'.

I always wanted my bedroom to look like this...

The tea cup to this set sadly broke, but I still love admiring the stunning pattern on the plates.

Part of a tea set, 'Posy' by Royal Crown Derby. To me, the pink rose painted on this is perfection!

I have also been lucky enough to inherit this Grandfather clock. A piece like no other I have seen before. It is one of the more imposing pieces of furniture that we have, yet it is by far the most charming.

You see, on the hour it does't just chime...it plays sweet melodies through a music box behind the clock face.

There are enough records to suit every mood...

I hope this post has inspired you to admire a treasure that you may have from someone passed and evoke feelings of nostalgia and fond memories.


Sunday, May 15, 2011

Powder Blue Tealights

As it's the accent colour in our living room, I am alway on the lookout for bits and pieces that are that 'just right' powdery blue. I couldn't believe my luck when I waltzed into a clearance shop on a whim yesterday and found these little beauties.

Did I mention they were under $5 a piece?

The perfect backdrop for writing school reports and sipping a cosmopolitan on the lounge.


Friday, May 6, 2011

Creative wrapping

The other day whilst wrapping a gift, I thought I might take a leaf out of Miss Sew & So's book and bring a little doilie into my life! I had some silver doilies lying around for just such a thing and put them to good use.

Some other doilie treasures...

Bring a little doilie into your life!

Monday, May 2, 2011

Union Jack'ed

Do you remember that union jack wall hanging I spotted on the Shabby Chic website a while ago..? And do you remember that I said it was next on my project list..? Well, mission: accomplished!

Now I will be the first to admit that my eyes were bigger than my sewing machine. Nevertheless, it was a labour of love and I am thrilled with my hours of sweat and tears.

I used some scrap fabrics as well as some prints I bought to make up the remainder. I chose some florals for the diagonal lines and hemmed them in.

I then secured them onto the pale blue backing one by one. It was a little tricky trying not to get the backing fabric puckered, but my perseverance paid off.

All done...to Jack's liking!

The flag panel was then hemmed in...

...and sewn onto a white backing sheet. I went with a white calico that was a little thicker than the normal one.

This was also hemmed in...

I used some scraps from one of the floral fabrics to create hooks for hanging...

...and ta da! The perfect piece to cover up a blank wall (that is until I get my dream china cabinet...hehe)!

I thought it was quite fitting that I finished this in the lead up to the royal wedding!



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