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Sunday, March 6, 2011

One Little Duck

If I didn't get myself into gear this weekend and create some goodies on the sewing machine, I was going to put myself under house arrest until I did! The arrival of a close friend's baby provided some additional motivation. Instead of buying a toy for her, I thought, "Why not make one?" So I did...a cute little duck.

First I cut out the shape I wanted. I was trying to emulate the design of everyone's favourite childhood toy - the rubby ducky.

I stitched the patches on first for the beak and wings before joining the main panels.

The main panels were sewn together inside out and I left a small opening at the bottom for the stuffing.

I considered felt for the eyes but decided to use buttons as they complimented the patchwork/vintage style of the rest of the duck.

Dressed up with a pretty ribbon, she is now properly primped for her new home!


  1. What a fantastic little ducky... And you know how much I love a birdie pillow! Great work! There will be no stopping you on that sewing machine now! X

  2. How we love Lucy's ducky. It sits on her dresser and watches over her, keeping her safe and sound at night. You are so talented Jacs. Love, love, love your work

  3. And I meant to say thank you, thank you, thank you



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