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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Day/Night Owl

A friend's baby shower tomorrow meant only one thing...get on the machine today! Cute little owls have been catching my eye all over Etsy and I decided to have a go at one myself.

First I cut out the main shape in two types of fabric for front and back. My friend doesn't know if she is having a boy or a girl. I know she loves brights and a spot of whimsy so I went with checkers and stars.

I then sewed on the embellishments for each side. I used felt for the eyes and lashes.

Open wide!

Both side were sewn together and a hole was left at the bottom for the stuffing.

Night owl!

Sleeping is for lazy days!

Hoot hoot!


  1. Oh how cute! What a great gift and so simple too! It is perfect for a baby shower! Have a fun day celebrating the new baby! x

  2. too cute Jacs, love the OWLS!!!

  3. I love it Jac.... hope you don't mind but I borrowed your idea for a baby shower gift for one of my friends. Made four baby owls and turned them into a mobile... They look pretty cute. My niece is obsessed with owls and have already bought owl paper card and bag for her birthday - am trying to think of what I can do for her with the owl thing as well. Thank you!!!!
    You've also convinced me to make a blog for myself - not much on it yet but mine is called Down by the creek - very imaginative I know!!! dbtcreek.blogspot.com cara

  4. Adorable!! William loves his little owl - they are the best of friends :-)



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