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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Whimsical West Village

When you see images of New York's iconic brownstone buildings, the first place to pop into mind is Manhattan's West Village.

Do you ever close your eyes and imagine that you could live the life of a Hollywood starlet in your favourite movie? Well, if you're like me, you do...a lot! And these is no better place to indulge your romantic dream than here...

You are Holly Golightly waltzing home, croissant and coffee in hand...

...or Meg Ryan perhaps in You've Got Mail (in this case it's my best travelling bud Sarsh - featured inset. Just as gorgeous xx)...

Hop across the tree lined street...

...and you're Diane Keaton in Annie Hall.

Stop off for a treat at 'Once Upon a Tart' with your poochy pal (garden gnomes and all in the window display...does it get anymore charming?).

We're Kate Beckinsale anticipating a chance run in with John Cusack...

...or Barbara Streisand before she reunites with Hubble Gardener.

A cupcake stop at the 'Magnolia Bakery' means only one thing - you're Carrie Bradshaw catching up with your pal Miranda Hobbs - over red velvet delights of course!

Glamourous Aussie, Sarsha caught a twinkle in her eye with the delicacies of this little kitchen.

Are we Meryl Streep here, fur coat and stilettos, skipping across cobblestone streets?

Or Meg Ryan once again, succumbing to the charm of Tom Hanks as we sip coffee and contemplate...

We musn't forget the beauty of Washington Square, where we pinch ourselves and realise New York is not just a place that exists in the movies. It is bigger, better and more beautiful than the screen can do justice.

Close your eyes and let the sunshine, gentle strum of the bass, the seductive sound of the sax and the swish of the cymbals take you there.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

I'm back! Oh, New York, New York!

Hello dear friends! I have returned home. After a week back at work, I am suffering from post holiday blues. But alas, I deliberately took my EOS with intent to share my adventures with you. Over the next few posts, I will be reliving some shabby, pretty and very Jack and Georgie highlights with you.

The adventure started in New York City. So allow me to take you on a walk first, through Central Park...

It's amazing, that in a park in the middle of the world's busiest city, you feel as though you are in the English countryside.

Remind you of any of your favourite films...

No traffic noise and hustle bustle as you embark on 'The Ramble'. Just peace and tranquility.

Stay posted for our next stop: Manhattan's West Village. With more to come from Canada... I am saving the very best 'til last!



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