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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Joyeaux Noel!

A very happy and joyful Christmas to you all.
From Jacqueline, Jack and Georgie!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Baby elephants and wise old owls

This holiday season saw quite a momentous occasion for me...the first time I was commissioned to make something! ...Actually two things! Yes, I was quite excited!

I was asked by someone at school to make a pair of elephants for a colleague having a baby shower. I knew that her nursery was beige and white so I ran with that theme. The 'pair' wasn't specified, but I thought a mother and baby would be fitting...and cute!

The shape was one I copied off a clip art print and the tail bows and bottom hearts my own spare of the moment ideas.

A peaceful mother...

...and her alert little newcomer.

I was also asked to make some more owls as a Christmas present for a workmate's daughters. The only requirement: blue and purple, to coordinate with their furnishings.

I always love making these as they take on their own little personalities as they come to life!

All in all, a pretty wise old bunch!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Birthday cupcakes and Christmas treats

It was my birthday not that long ago and I am so lucky that a lovely parent in my class is quite the talented cake decorator. I was oh so surprised when her daughter came into class on the morning of my special day and presented me with this gorgeous box of delights!

How did she know that I would die for the filigree wrappers and white decorations? I wonder?

Too sweet to eat! I marvelled at the glittered rose buds and quilted icing that looked like a plush pillow!

Well, the cupcakes did taste as good as they looked. So much so that I happily accepted a leftover batch of hers that she was at a loose end with.

I had a BBQ to attend the next day and what better to take than a plate of her sweet treats. I had a go at decorating them myself...they were no glitter and filigree...more like 1980 Women's Weekly. However, they were still a hit, especially with the littlies!

I couldn't resist sharing this with you either. The same Mum made one of these lolly Santas for each of the kids in my class. She is toooo clever isn't she?

Ho, ho, ho!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Save the best 'til last...

The last instalment of my treasure hunt in the USA and Canada..Jacaranda Tree & Co. Another gem located on Mt Pleasant Ave, Toronto. It is no exaggeration when I say that this is my favourite shop on the planet. I am in love with everything about it...and in it!

A modest establishment, it doesn't realise how beautiful it really is.

I will let the images speak for themselves...

I am sure you can see why this hidden diamond is a 'MUST visit' on my list whenever I am in town. 

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Hilltop Interiors...Heaven in Muskoka

I am so blessed to have extended family who own a piece of heaven...heaven also known as Rosseau, a quaint cottage town in Muskoka, Ontario. Whenever I visit, I count down the minutes to when I can pop into Hilltop Interiors. Truly one of my favourite shops in the world and you can see why...

I am sure all of you can relate to their motto, 'Comfortable home, comfortable life'.

Make it past the gorgeous window boxes and garden trinkets, and you enter a world of true delight...

The colours are so beautiful and the displays simply dreamy...

Can't you just imagine curling up on this lounge with a good book...and a glass of wine?

It was 'until next time' to Hilltop and over to the Rosseau General Store to have ice cream in the Summer sun. A good way to cool off after the excitement provided by Hilltop and lay down the bags of treaures you are sure to come out with!

I couldn't resist sharing this picture from my brother and sister-in-law's wedding. Us girls just had to sneak a snapshot outside the charming little shop on the way to the church.

After ice cream, it's off to the Teeny Weeny Bikini Co for the ultimate in summer wears and retro accessories. I love the fence made out of oars!

Then past the historic church (where my brother and sister-in-law got married)...

...through another antique shop...

...and another. This next one though is definitely worth a mention - Cynthia Crawford Antiques.

We managed to catch Cynthia in the shop on this particular day and she is as charming as her store. I picked up the most gorgeous his and hers hand towels and Cynthia was telling us that Sarah Richardson from Sarah's House is a frequent shopper. I am not at all surprised...it is a real treasure trove.

Rosseau in Muskoka really is a piece of heaven on earth and I can't wait until my next stay. If I didn't live so far away, I would've been able to indulge my obsession a little more and filled up another suitcase or two...or truck! But hey, it's a good excuse to plan another visit!


Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Wildbird on Mt Pleasant

From the West Village, we hopped a plane and headed north to Toronto - my favourite city! A must-see strip for all things shabby and chic is Mt Pleasant Ave. First stop was Wildbird...

Decked out with treasures galore and a supplier of works created by local artists...got to love that! The lovely ladies behind the counter are so nice and helpful too and create the shop's warm, inviting atmosphere.

Resident feline, Kismet, will guide you on a personal tour...xx

After emptying our purses at Wildbird, we strolled back to our apartment along the Ave...

...past one of many flower shops...

...the Little Dollhouse Company...

...and Mabel's Fables.

Come back to visit heaven in Muskoka in my next post.

Until then...


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