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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Baby elephants and wise old owls

This holiday season saw quite a momentous occasion for me...the first time I was commissioned to make something! ...Actually two things! Yes, I was quite excited!

I was asked by someone at school to make a pair of elephants for a colleague having a baby shower. I knew that her nursery was beige and white so I ran with that theme. The 'pair' wasn't specified, but I thought a mother and baby would be fitting...and cute!

The shape was one I copied off a clip art print and the tail bows and bottom hearts my own spare of the moment ideas.

A peaceful mother...

...and her alert little newcomer.

I was also asked to make some more owls as a Christmas present for a workmate's daughters. The only requirement: blue and purple, to coordinate with their furnishings.

I always love making these as they take on their own little personalities as they come to life!

All in all, a pretty wise old bunch!


  1. gorgeous little elephants mummy and bub is so cute! Your little blogland is really lovely too :) I enjoyed your reading list as well (althought some made way tooo home sick! lol)xx Sandrine

  2. You have created some lovely little creatures! There is something just too addictive about making these beautiful characters... although once you start, you won't be able to stop! (Trust me... I am speaking from experience!!!!) I bet you are enjoying the extra time to create during the holidays, just as much as I am!!!! x



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