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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Birthday cupcakes and Christmas treats

It was my birthday not that long ago and I am so lucky that a lovely parent in my class is quite the talented cake decorator. I was oh so surprised when her daughter came into class on the morning of my special day and presented me with this gorgeous box of delights!

How did she know that I would die for the filigree wrappers and white decorations? I wonder?

Too sweet to eat! I marvelled at the glittered rose buds and quilted icing that looked like a plush pillow!

Well, the cupcakes did taste as good as they looked. So much so that I happily accepted a leftover batch of hers that she was at a loose end with.

I had a BBQ to attend the next day and what better to take than a plate of her sweet treats. I had a go at decorating them myself...they were no glitter and filigree...more like 1980 Women's Weekly. However, they were still a hit, especially with the littlies!

I couldn't resist sharing this with you either. The same Mum made one of these lolly Santas for each of the kids in my class. She is toooo clever isn't she?

Ho, ho, ho!

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  1. Oh Jac, those birthday cupcakes were so so pretty! The roses sparkled and the quilting was so elegant! I love your flower cupcakes too, I have to confess to using these flowers to decorate one of my little (now big) girl's birthday cakes! They look just gorgeous on your cupcakes! Those santas are totally amazing too! X



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