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Monday, May 2, 2011

Union Jack'ed

Do you remember that union jack wall hanging I spotted on the Shabby Chic website a while ago..? And do you remember that I said it was next on my project list..? Well, mission: accomplished!

Now I will be the first to admit that my eyes were bigger than my sewing machine. Nevertheless, it was a labour of love and I am thrilled with my hours of sweat and tears.

I used some scrap fabrics as well as some prints I bought to make up the remainder. I chose some florals for the diagonal lines and hemmed them in.

I then secured them onto the pale blue backing one by one. It was a little tricky trying not to get the backing fabric puckered, but my perseverance paid off.

All done...to Jack's liking!

The flag panel was then hemmed in...

...and sewn onto a white backing sheet. I went with a white calico that was a little thicker than the normal one.

This was also hemmed in...

I used some scraps from one of the floral fabrics to create hooks for hanging...

...and ta da! The perfect piece to cover up a blank wall (that is until I get my dream china cabinet...hehe)!

I thought it was quite fitting that I finished this in the lead up to the royal wedding!



  1. Love it Jac! I have something simiar in the pipeline! Pretty pretty pretty! X

  2. It looks lovely Jacquie! it looks slot of work, but a fabulous reward- well done!



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