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Monday, June 28, 2010

God Save the Queen

As I walked through the front door, my post holiday blues were quickly washed away when I saw two parcels waiting for me. My latest Etsy purchase! I have been eyeing off these cushions from Helkat Designs for a long time and they are just gorgeous. So beautifully crafted.

Jack clearly approves! Thank you Helkat!

Apologies for my absence, but I have been in...

Hamilton Island! Pure island bliss. A few happy snaps from our getaway...

Did I remind you that it's Winter..?!

Mr and Mrs enjoying sunset cocktails.

18 holes by the Barrier Reef anyone?

View from our room - incredible!

Good bye Hamilton Island. Hope to return again soon... xx

Sunday, June 13, 2010


It is the end of term and I need to give my amazing parent helpers a gift to say thank you for all of their hard work. I like to try and think of something original, that won't also break the bank...considering that I have fourteen gifts to hand out! This term I made fridge magnets, for all of those important notices from school or family pictures. I made the magnets out of wooden clothes pegs bought from the supermarket.

I painted the pegs white, pale green and pale pink. Once the paint was dry, I stamped one side of the pegs with a french script in black ink. I then glued small magnets on the reverse side. I covered white card with a champagne patterned paper and cut into strips for the pegs to grip.
I made tags from visiting cards found for a total steal at the newsagent, hole punched the top, stamped with this chandelier design and thread through white ribbon.

Voila! With a cherry ripe tucked in the back, the pegs really do make a sweet little thank you package. I made extra packs as these would be great to have on hand as little gifts for all sorts of occasions.


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