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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Honey and banana pupcakes

There are only so many gifts that Jack and Georgie truly relish... They already have the reindeer ears, the bling bling collars and festive coats. So this year for Christmas I decided to make them some treats - honey and banana pupcakes!
Before you ask...no that isn't chocolate. All the ingredients are completely furry friendly - honey, banana, flour, carob, vanilla, baking soda and water.

Jack already managed to persuade me to treat him to one before Christmas day!

We also gift wrapped some up for their friends which I am sure they will enjoy just as much!

Upcycled shabby art!

This is a piece of art that I recently put together as a gift for my dear friend Olivia. At school last year, the students and I created a similar piece and Olivia said she just HAD to have one.

First step was to get a canvas in the desired size. We then cut out rectangles of artist grade sketch paper. I made 29 pieces. The students collaged the rectangles with all sorts of recycled materials - doilies, buttons, paper, cotton buds, wooden skewers and white fabric pieces. Everything was secured by applying modelling compound to the shapes first. This dries clear/white.

We then chose a colour scheme. Perfect for Olivia's tropical style abode!

The canvas was painted a uniform background colour.

Rectangles were painted in groups of 7-8 per colour.

I then applied some gold rub to textured areas to lift the pieces a little.

All the rectangles were then arranged on the canvas like a patchwork quilt. I made them stick down with more of the modelling compound. The outcome I think is quite handsome. The beauty of having children do the art work is that they don't think too much about the look of their piece and lead with their hearts. So each rectangle is completely individual and unique. I would love to do another one of these but have it all white!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Gingerbread and thank yous

I am always on the hunt for original and economical ideas for thank you presents to give my parent helpers at school. My fabulous friend Olivia and I collected glass jars all year so that I could pass on these gingerbread biscuit kits.
I layered flour, brown sugar and a spice mix then decorated with calico, string and the instructions for baking. The Five Brothers pasta sauce jars were great to use as they have no branding on them - just measurements and a pretty fruit design.

Deck the Halls!

Yes, we all know what is around the corner. And the best part about Christmas - besides the seafood feast and lolling in the pool all day- is decorating the house and tree with all the trinkets we have kept hidden in the cupboard for the last eleven months!
Each year, my decorations just love being pulled out of their brown boxes and paper wrappings. I enjoy revealing each one as they have all been given to me by someone close or have come from a special place that I wanted to take a part of with me...
Mum gives me a decoration each year. This little house and the white heart were this year's treat - from Mum #1. They come from 'Tres Chic', a magical shop full of treasures on Ferry Road, Bundall.

I think I will keep the heart out all year round!

From Mum #2

One of Mrs Tiff's starry creations!

I love this quirky madam. From relatives in Canada...I'm not sure if she reminded them of me...'born to shop'..?

From Mum #3

From Mum #4

This one comes from a shop in Ulverstone, Tasmania called 'Dragonfly'. It is one of my favourite places ever to shop and wander. A must see if you ever go there.

From Mum #5

From Mum #6
No Christmas is complete without a resident Santa!

The berry ball -from Mum #7 - and usually sits atop the Christmas cake on the 25th. As we are going out for lunch this year, it makes a sweet accompaniment to some warming Christmas candles instead.


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